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Stories Untold

Storytelling is powerful. Stories captivate and delight, educate and inspire, stimulate and entertain, creating an image in our minds that helps us better understand the world. The sharing of our experiences propel us forward as a society and is the strongest way to communicate and connect. Stories that are left untold have no voice or an image associated with them and remain undiscovered knowledge. We must let no story go untold and learn from the experience of others because it will affect how we will shape the future.

Gautham Chitturu

A Guide to Finding Meaning in Your Name

Having dealt with cultural conflict between groups of friends and family, Gautham's untold story fostered a new sense of self, which led him to reclaim what his name means to him. Gautham is an undergraduate student at CWRU studying neuroscience and business.

Erin Lea

Silent Sickness: How Tackling Shame Improves Your Health

Dr. Erin Lea discusses the important role that shame plays in our lives. She dissects the reasons shame is so prevalent in our society and shares the ways we can turn that dreaded feeling into a positive thing that empowers us and allows us to grow.

Vineet Erasala

Leveraging Discomfort to Accelerate Success

Vineet questions the most effective form of learning and challenges the idea that getting a degree is the best way to be successful. His talk is centered around being OK with taking the road less traveled.

Aviva Vincent

Healing Through Horses

Aviva Vincent shares the story of how horseback riding saved her life, while highlighting the importance that animal therapy can have on our well-being. Aviva is a veterinary social worker and doctoral candidate in the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences where she researches the biological impact that animals have on children.

Dominic King

Physician Suicide: What Medical Students Need to Know

Dr. Dominic King tells the untold story of physician suicide, highlighting the dehumanizing nature of medical school and the college pre-medical life. His talk hopes to inspire change in the medical community.

Xyla Foxlin

running out of runway: venture capital vs. emotional capital

Xyla Foxlin discusses the untold story of entrepreneurs. Her powerful story highlights the stereotypes of being a figure in business, and illustrates how she, as well as many others, have feelings and express emotions that the general public doesn't get to witness.

Steven Morris

the beautiful business

Steven Morris illustrates the meaning of beauty in the world of business. How can a business be beautiful? What defines beauty in a business? How can these principles be applied to our day-to-day lives? Steven Morris answers all of these questions in his riveting talk.

Nichola Bomani

How are you…really?

Nichola Bomani talks about the culture of saying "How are you?" Her story dives deep into the perils of using such a colloquialism, and sheds light on what we can do as a society to modify it.

Mohammad Saim

The Unwritten chapters of leadership

Mohammad Saim shares his insight on the untold stories of leadership. What does it mean to be a leader? What challenges do many leaders face? How can one face those challenges? From his extensive personal experience, he answers those questions to prepare today's youth for whatever their future may hold.

Gloria Tavera

Channeling outrage at high drug prices into access to medicines for all

Gloria Tavera aims to spread awareness of the monopolizing market on pharmaceutical companies. Through her research and passion for the matter, she plans to offer solutions to make these kinds of drugs accessible and affordable for the patients that need them.

Riley Tedrow

gaining community trust to fight malaria

Riley Tedrow discusses the feeling of being an outsider in a community that failed to accept him for who he was in this rural tribe where he worked in Madagascar. His extensive research in malaria and his passion to spread awareness of the disease shines through during his talk.