To be announced: Spring 2019

Stories Untold


Storytelling is powerful. 
Stories captivate and delight, educate and inspire, stimulate and entertain, creating an image in our minds that helps us better understand the world. The sharing of our experiences propel us forward as a society and is the strongest way to communicate and connect. Stories that are left untold have no voice or an image associated with them and remain undiscovered knowledge. We must let no story go untold and learn from the experience of others because it will affect how we will shape the future.



In the very first Windows computers, the combination of Ctrl+Alt+Del rebooted the system and essentially wiped the slate clean. Nowadays, the same combination can be used to invoke the task manager to terminate a program. There comes a time when the best, or only, possible course of action is to take a step back, analyze the situation, and start fresh. We, as a society, must not view this in such a negative light, but instead as an opportunity to restart on the right foot.

Breaking Ground



History is scattered with "firsts". At every step, mankind has made groundbreaking discoveries that impact our future as a society. Entrepreneurs, scientists, innovators - all the brilliant minds throughout the centuries - have advanced us to each subsequent milestone. Just when we think we have reached the limit, when we cannot go any deeper, someone comes along to break the ground under our feet and allow us to explore the unknown. The time has come for the next generation of pioneers to lead us into the future.