TEDxCWRU serves to further the advancement of knowledge in the fields of science, technology, liberal arts, etc., and we could not do it without you, the sponsors. Sponsors serve their part in making our TEDx event the best it can be. With your help, we can get that much closer to spreading ideas throughout the student body of Case Western Reserve University, and hopefully throughout the world. 

For more information on how you can sponsor us, or any other questions you may have, please feel free to reach out to us at tedxcwru@gmail.com. 

Sponsorship Tiers

Tier 5 - $1000+

  • 3-second advertisement at beginning and end of each filmed TEDxCWRU Talk (posted on the TED website)
  • 2 tickets for VIP seating
  • All perks from previous tiers

tier 4 - $750+

  • Tabling booth at event (merchandising allowed)
  • All perks from previous tiers

tier 3 - $500+

  • Logo on TEDxCWRU banner (displayed at event and around Case Western Reserve University campus)
  • All perks from previous tiers

tier 2 - $250+

  • Logo on event brochure (handed to every attendee)
  • All perks from previous tier

tier 1 - $100+

  • Logo and short description on website
  • On-stage mention